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Elie & Veronica

Are Getting Married
The Date

Save the Date

December 31, 2022

Art Factory Studios
Paterson, New Jersey
New Video

New Video

The Proposal

Our Story

V and E met through friends but first noticed each other at a Super Bowl party in 2017.  V was determined to see E again so she invited him and all his friends to her birthday party a few weeks later.  After the night was over, E thanked her for inviting him and asked her out on a date! Her plan had worked! At the end of a fantastic few months, this time it was E who had secret plans.  He shocked  V by suggesting that they continue to date one another even as they moved across the country for law school and medical school.  His plans worked too!  Somehow, even as they moved further and further apart, they grew closer as a couple by communicating and learning to truly appreciate every moment they were able to spend together.  Four years, many skypes (no not facetimes -_-) and many (MANY) spirit airlines flights later, they have finally decided to tie the knot!

Our story
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